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ISG gives paramount importance to the quality of O-Rings supplied & all O-Rings are in line with British, American, Japanese & Other Standards.

ISG's core activities focus on O-Rings for all Industries namely Aero Engines, Air Compressors, Agro Products, EarthMoving Machinery, Chemical Plants, Diesel Engines, Dairy Equipments, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders.

Our Various Product Range is as follows

Hydraulic guides X Rings Back Up Rings O Ring Kits
Piston seals Hydraulic O Ring Hydraulic Wipers Rod seals Hydraulic
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals V Seals Oil Seals Extruded profiles & sections
Other Products Custom Molded & Extruded Rubber Products O Rings Cords
• Standard Splicing Kits • Metric Splicing Kits • Four Lobed Profile Splicing Kits • Square Profile Splicing Kits
Construction Material
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